Spa Oasis  - Your Natural Solution to Beautiful Skin
Welcome to Spa Oasis
In your lifetime, there will be places you will visit and never forget. Our spa is one of those places. We are a rare combination of necessity and luxury, a place where you are treated like royalty.
At Spa Oasis, Éminence products are used almost exclusively, and contain the highest possible level of all-natural organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables, hand selected to guarantee the highest quality. Over 40 years of experience and extensive research have proven the effectiveness of these superior spa treatments. All products are handmade in Budapest, Hungary, no mass production, without any heating or hydrogenating process. You will immediately see and feel the difference.
We encourage you to escape from the pressures and pace of everyday . Let us help you unwind, unravel and release tension and stress that stand in the way of achieving a healthier, more radiant and youthful you.
Find your balance. Find us.
110 Iowa Lane* Suite 201* Cary, NC 27511*919-380-0770
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